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What is guest blogging?


What is guest blogging and why you should become a guest blogger to grow the links (link acquisition) towards your website?

Guest blogging is used by bloggers to increase blog traffic where a certain blogger can write articles/posts to be published on other bloggers’ blogs.

If you think about it, if I write a post for a very professional and recognized business online letting the people know I wrote it, leaving my link, people (interested in the topic I am talking about) will click on my link and reach my website. It’s a kind of a win/win situation if you are a famous blogger you basically get one post for free, and if you are the guest blogger you can get a new opportunity to showcase your talent and skills,¬†grow your users and direct some traffic to your blog.

Guest blogging can work in both ways, whether you write a post to appear on another person’s blog or another person writes a post to appear on your blog.

Many websites are using guest blogging and collaborations as a way to build links (link acquisition) to their website. But hey, make sure to deliver really good quality contents, because if you are just doing this for spam you might get penalized by google. Link exchange is not a good practice anymore… (I link you, you link me and we cheat… is so old school and will create a bad SEO for your project).

If you want more insights on the topic you should get more info by looking at Matt Cutt’s videos (previous Head of Google’s web spam team).

So if you are not spamming around and delivering good quality contents, promoting knowledge, there is no risk in practicing this link acquisition technique.

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Good luck on your project!

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