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Instagram Limits 2017: daily limits for likes, fol...

Instagram Limits 2017: daily limits for likes, follow and comments

Instagram Limits for Likes, Comments, Follow and Unfollow 2017

Updated 2017-2018 Instagram Limits for Likes, Follow/Unfollow, Comments, Hashtags, Characters

When you are setting up an engagement strategy on your IG account you need to take into consideration some Instagram limits and in particular, the daily limits and the limits per hour for likes, follow and comments.


One important thing I noticed is… that if you have a new account for the first two/three weeks you can’t perform more than 500 actions a day. By actions I mean (follow, likes, unfollows).

After this period your account will start to become a TRUSTED account (not a spammer) and you will be allowed to perform more actions during the day (1500-2000). I could not find any official information from Instagram itself, this is based on my personal experience and on what other users are sharing.

Limits for Likes


Yes, it’s sad and it’s true, every account has “only” the possibility to leave 350 likes per hour. Normally, if you are not using any marketing automation tool, you won’t reach this limit, but you never know… Even if you are trying the very famous “like bombing” technique to get more likes in return, you have to pay attention not to overcome the 300 likes per hour (just be safe, you don’t want trouble!).


Truth is… it depends on how old is your account. With a brand new account, I couldn’t leave more than 450 likes per day at the beginning. While with an old one (9 months) I could reach 850 likes per day… In some cases, I read about people leaving 1400 likes per day.

My solution will be not to risk to be blocked, and honestly, it takes too much effort to leave more than 100 likes per hour.

  • NEW ACCOUNT: I would suggest to leave 100 likes per hour max (3 hours max) to avoid not to go over the 300 likes per day. (You can use the other 150-200 actions to follow and unfollow).
  • TRUSTED ACCOUNT: 100 likes per hour (in a cycle of 12 hours) 1200 likes per day … in case you are on automation (I personally didn’t reach more than 750 likes a day but if you want to risk, let’s say this is the max).


Limits for Following

As per Instagram guidelines, they limit the number of people you can follow to 7500. Honestly, it makes sense. Who will be able to follow that many people actively?

Luckily there is no limit connected to the number of followers you can get.


I tried several times to reach the limit, I would say again there is a difference:

  • NEW ACCOUNT: 100 a day. Don’t go over this and leave yourself some margin to UNFOLLOW, COMMENT, LIKE.
  • TRUSTED ACCOUNT: I wouldn’t risk getting over 1000 following per day and same for Unfollow. In general, I noticed that once I run some tests I cannot follow and unfollow more than 100 users in a row during the same hour.


There are no Instagram limits on how many people can follow you.

Do you want to know more? Read this!

Hashtags limits

When we are talking about Instagram limits we cannot avoid mentioning the hashtags!

You cannot post more than 30 hashtags per post, even though until some weeks ago you could post 60 (30 in the caption area and 30 in your first comment) now it seems that it is not possible anymore. So use well your hashtags and choose well. If you want to learn a cool trick on how to find the right hashtags for your posts read this article.

Pay attention once choosing your hashtags (you might get an Instagram shadowban if you choose one of the 300 banned hashtags).


Mind that your Instagram bio (that area in which you can describe your profile) cannot exceed 150 characters.

CAPTION (that area of your Instagram post in which you can describe your photo): 2200 characters.

COMMENTS: Comments get cut after 240 characters.


Yes, I tried to push also this limit. Honestly, with a new account, I couldn’t reach more than 90 comments a day…

With a trusted one I managed to leave 120 comments, but then I was fed up… I think is not human to leave more than 100 comments per day. I would say for trusted accounts you can maybe leave up to 150 comments a day, but then again, you have to take into consideration how many total actions you can perform with your account.

  • You can only include up to 5 @ mentions in a single comment
  • You can’t post multiple, duplicate comments (or you will become a spammer).


You can publish several posts a day (photos) but my advice is always to create one very good post a day… and that’s it! People hate to see several posts of the same users on their feed during the same day. You can cancel your posts, but you get an ERROR notification usually after 5 deleted posts. If you want to go past this limitation you need to wait 3-4 hours and then come back to cancel again.

I once tried to test how many posts you can publish during a day, and after the first 5 in a row, I got my account blocked. Came back after 3 hours and I could post another 4 without getting blocks. Let’s say Instagram limits for posting will be 5 photos per hour… but again, really, who does that?

As I mentioned above, most of you using Instagram for business or personal use won’t reach most of these limits. Please make sure you are avoiding the use of automation tools (bots) to quickly follow and unfollow users or to hyper-actively like other posts. This is not the way to use Instagram. You should be interacting authentically and generating real relationships with your audience. If you’re doing this right, limits on Instagram shouldn’t be a big concern for you.

Overall whether you are using Instagram for personal use or for your business these are very high limits. In case you are automating your Instagram account you should take into consideration your account actions per day. After several tests, I can say this will be a safe setting for a relatively new account (1 month of use).

TOTAL COMMENTS: 100 on a single day

TOTAL LIKES (per day): 700 on a single day

TOTAL FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW: 600 on a single day

I tried this on my relatively new account and it works fine. On my older account, I am sure I can do more, but, instead of pushing the Instagram limits, I honestly prefer to engage with people and I use really that account only for personal use. I truly believe you can really engage people by being genuine and it would be impossible to reach such a high volume of actions during the day by a single person. If you want more insights on Instagram community guidelines please check the official page.

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