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Instagram trends 2018

Yes, I promised this post ages ago, but it took me quite some time to write this post, so let’s move directly to the juicy content: Instagram trends 2018

Instagram trends 2018

Repin to your own inspiration board

Let’s start with a fact, if we want to talk about Instagram trends to expect by 2018 we need to consider first that the platform reached more than 800 million users and shows no signs of slowing down. I am quite sure in 2018 Instagram will reach 1 billion users and become the second most important social network (Facebook is the first with 2 billion users and more if we don’t consider the messaging apps). During the last two years, the visual taste of the Instagram community and the quality of the contents shared improved dramatically.

The contents presented by the top accounts show more variety than in the past and the photos we see every day are characterized by studied high-quality images, with a great choice of the subject, application of modern and colorful filters and a concise and straight to the point captions. Influencers are setting the bar really high and keep on involving their followers by displaying certain moods or situations in the best, possible, way. This aspect (being able to involve and engage your audience) will always be a key point if you want to succeed on the Instagram game.

Here are the trends we should expect for the upcoming year.

Contents: What you should share if you want to reach the top.

Food, Lifestyle (fashion & design), Fitness, Business, Entertainment, Travel will definitely be the 6 main topics that will dominate Instagram in 2018. This is something we already noticed in 2016 and that completely boomed in 2017 so I totally expect to see these trends growing even more. Food will become more and more healthy eating, handmade, home-cooked, lifestyle shots will encompass fashion and design way more than in the previous years, Fitness will become less “let me show you my six pack” and more “exercise to live a healthy life”. Business will be (hopefully) less premade sentences (I mean seriously I can’t see anymore these monothematic accounts full of quotes) and more business tutorials (this is already happening).

Entertainment is already brought to us through short videos (as a post) and Instagram Stories, I am sure this trend will develop more and more towards these directions. Travel photography will keep on developing towards travel experiences and travel storytelling. The Instagram trends 2018 are extremely connected with lifestyle trends related to globalization and the way we live our lives and they are, in fact, a representation of our lifestyles, less local and more global.

Create content to engage users in the shortest period of time

Ephemeral contents will lead the way and provide the best engagement rate. I don’t know if you noticed already, but generally, the engagement you get from Instagram Stories is very good. Instagram added also the polls sticker by giving you a very great tool to interact and get feedback with your audience. Ephemeral contents tend to disappear within 24 hours, it is generally more authentic and can easily convert to sales because of the following facts:

  • DIRECT LINK: After reaching 10K followers on Instagram you will get the possibility to use the link tool (or swipe to content). This is a very good tool to direct your traffic from Instagram to any other social or landing page, instead of using the obsolete “link in the bio”.
  • SCARCITY: The content will be lost within hours so people will be afraid of missing out resulting in audiences to take fast actions
  • ATTENTION SPAN: There are no likes on Instagram Stories, you can only skip a story, or start a conversation.  If you can tell a quick story by using 3-4 slides of Instagram stories you are sure to grab your followers’ attention which is the El Dorado of Instagram Marketing. In a digital era where the attention span of people is on a decline, this is a very good tool to use. I am sure in 2018 we will experience new ways of using this feature.

Contents able to engage audiences on a personal level will be liked the most: An honest communication

84 percent of millennials do not trust traditional advertising, so it does not make any sense to create content that is written from a selling point of view. Be original, human and creative. A storytelling approach to Instagram will still be a key aspect when sharing your contents in 2018.


Topics and categories

Remember the first videos on youtube? So low quality… but now? We have specialized youtubers almost for anything! There is a change happening in the way people are using the platform. We don’t just modify a photo, we use external apps (such as VSCO, Color Stories, Candycamera and more) to modify our photos. Most of the solo business accounts are specializing in a certain niche and I am sure we will see more Instagram profiles embracing this trend in 2018.

Platforms such as will become the place to go for the companies looking to expand the reach of their digital campaigns.


Layouts and image quality

I am sure towards the end of 2018 the image quality of the entire Instagram platform will rise. This will happen for sure because the screen resolution of the latest smartphones is increasing rapidly and also because during 2018 (precisely during PyeongChang Winter Olympics and during the Fifa World Cup) telecommunication companies will start to test a new 5G technology providing superfast communications and enhanced mobile broadband. The video quality of Instagram’s Stories will increase consequently. 50 million more people are currently using Instagram Stories despite Snapchat, and Instagram Stories has only been around for a year! I am sure 2018 will be the year of Stories and that also the Live feature will be used more and more. As social algorithms keep evolving, the video will only grow more valuable for generating engagement and building your following.

Instagram stories 2018

Instagram recently introduced the possibility to post Landscape, Portrait and multiple pics photos. Not all the users noticed it and not everyone started to use the new layouts. I bet in 2018 we will see new and creative ways to use the new formats.


The Instagram ecosystem

As explained in the beginning of the post, Instagram is still growing fast, so all the individuals and companies who did not spend enough time in figuring out the Instagram hashtag culture, Instagram app product, organic Instagram posting, working with Instagram influencers are making a huge mistake. More users, more contents, more difficult to be found! Make sure you start to “study” the Instagram platform and try to understand these key aspects if you want to rock in 2018… a very important fact that everyone keeps

forgetting is that almost 90% of marketers found out that influencer marketing is effective in 2017 (check this study).


Instagram shops e-commerce Instagram commerceShopping on Instagram? The time has come!

Yes, I am sure the major trend of 2018 will be shopping on Instagram, or Instagram e-commerces! Get ready for the Instagram shop revolution. The platform is already moving towards this interesting direction and some pro users and brands are already testing the new feature. Instagram already provide a full integration with Facebook and the possibility to use great insights for social media marketing campaigns. I am sure the e-commerce integration will arrive in 2018, if not immediately on a single post at least on the Instagram Ads.


I hope you found interesting these Instagram trends 2018. See you in the next post!

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