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How to drive traffic to your portfolio

How to drive traffic to your portfolio

how to drive traffic to your portfolio

Now make sure to take notes because the following tips are really important to drive traffic towards your portfolio.

So, finally you built yourself an amazing website using the latest design tricks, and you are ready to display your work.

Following some of the best practices:
01. Editing, prepare your collection of works.
Nobody wants to see all the works you did from 1983 to 2017, make a selection of your best works and evaluate how they fit together.
Remember, it’s a story you are telling, not just a boring checklist. I would usually suggest placing your latest works at the very beginning of the portfolio because they will look (for sure) more up-to-date than your old designs. Everything you decide to share needs to make sense. A nice example is the portfolio of Stefanie Brueckler (displayed here as the main post image).

02. Explain what you do in detail
Make sure your portfolio is properly displayed and people can understand what you did and how you did it. Details sometimes can take time and words are not always easy for those of us specialized in creativity and design, but those words will help your search engine optimization and other people to understand your cool design skills.

03. Spend your time on the SEO.
To make sure the search engines can read and categorize your pages, make sure to use a SEO plugin for your portfolio (All in one SEO Pack, Yoast SEO and so on). Categorize, write a unique title and description, create a unique URL and content. This is essential if you want your portfolio to go out there! If you can’t really work on your SEO you can enlist a professional to help you. SEO is the most important factor if you want to drive traffic towards your project.

04. Check the size of your images.
Yes, we all want our work to look amazing and in super-high definition, but in the recent years one of the parameters to rank well on the search engine is the download speed of your website.
To keep it simple… if I need more than 3 seconds to visualize your website after I entered your domain name on my browser, I will loose my interest. The search engines like Google and Bing are set in the same way. Long story short, if your website is not fast enough, then you are OUT!
Compress your images to find always an appropriate ratio between size of your image and quality. If you have any doubt check the Google webmaster guidelines.

05. Share your work.
I mean, seriously, what’s the point of keeping this for yourself!

Share, share and share again if you want to drive traffic to your website!
There are plenty of visual design blogs where you can ask to showcase your work (but pay attention, your content need to add value to their story, otherwise nobody will share your work!).
Use your social channels to showcase your work (especially the visual networks like instagram, facebook, pinterest, behance, dribble).

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Good luck!

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