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Graphic design trends 2018

graphic design trends 2018

Graphic Design Trends 2018

Every now and then, when you are browsing you find something that is completely new… a new use of the colors, new shapes… new layouts, new technologies applied… and you suddenly recognize that you are looking at something completely new and amazingly cool. This first phase is the very beginning of a phenomenon that, in marketing, we define as a trend… or trend at the early stages.

Then someone will say “wow, this is sick…” and people will start to share this new amazing cool content and everyone will try to copy and elaborate what they saw and learned. This is the second phase of a TREND when it will start to spread and influence more and more people.

If we consider the graphic design scenario, we can clearly identify two major trends for 2017 (natural and high-tech). The color of the year, for Pantone, was Greenery.

Just by checking my feed in the last few days I started to notice two new and interesting trends approaching in 2018… I called those the Digital Paintbrush trend and the Hyper-minimal style.

Let’s discover these Graphic Design Trends to expect by 2018


Digital Paintbrush

New tablet and digital screen solutions have aggressively invaded the market of creativity in the last two years (Wacom mobile studio pro, surface pro 4, Ipad Pro… among others)… drawing hands-free on digital screens became increasingly easier for anyone and new apps and software were (Photoshop Sketch, Procreate, Penultimate, Paper, Illustrator Draw… shall I go on?) were developed by the major players in the field to use the new technologies. The cool thing to notice is that we are not talking anymore about the “old brushes of photoshop. The new brushes are cleaner, more versatile and are producing a more natural and verisimilar effect on our layouts.

The result is this new digital paintbrush trend. The most creative graphic designers have already jumped on board and they are already producing amazing letterings and hybrid layouts where the brush design integrates with reality and products.

digital paintbrush trend 2018

Samples of digital paintbrush + cover image by David Milan


digital paintbrush

Digital paintbrush by Alex Trochut


very cool lettering 2017

Very cool lettering by typebychris


Hyper-minimal style

Somehow it seems not even apple can create screens so minimal and clean… In the previous years designers tend to use apple screens to display their work… now, I guess, we started to think apple screens were not thin enough to display our work and we came to the conclusion that we should weather create our own ideal screen (here you can see mine), or we should remove the screen totally to showcase our design naked and raw. In 2018 UI and UX will be even more minimal… we are literally cutting menus and removing layers to let the content speak.


Digital Portfolio Preview from my Instagram account @carpindavide

No, it’s not a new apple product to be expected by 2018, I just thought a minimal screen would look amazing.

Following some web design samples:


Samples by (from left to right, up-down) (first two), Alexander Chakhutin, Sergei Gurov @milkwork_design, Andrew Baygulov @abaygulov, Daniel Acree @acreedesign

In case you landed here and you are looking for some cool brushes for Procreate just visit Ian Barnard.Ian Barnard Procreate

Discover also the Instagram trends to expect by 2018!

This is all for now, but when it comes to graphic design trends things are changing quite fast, so make sure to visit this post often because I will update this article every time I will discover or forecast a new trend. Peace!

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