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Best Instagram Hashtags for Designers and Marketer...

Best Instagram Hashtags for Designers and Marketers

Best Instagram Hashtags for Designers and Marketers

Discover the Best Instagram Hashtags for Designers & Marketers

This is straight to the point post. I made it easy to copy-paste, you can mix these hashtags with your own or use the best Instagram hashtags on their own. There are several studies about hash tags use. Some are saying not to use more than 7 hashtags (it could be perceived as spam), some others between 8 and 11, to cover most of the topics, some other studies are suggesting to post the hashtags on the first comment of your photo.

  • Honestly I think the most interesting strategy with hashtags is the following… (use all 30 hashtags you can but in a smart way, you can place them after your caption by using underscores or dots, or, if you prefer, you can post those as the first comment on your post)Use:
  • 1/3 (10 hashtags) should be very popular hashtags with over 1 million posts.
  • 1/3 (again 10) should be average hashtags with more than 100.000 posts and less than 1Million.
  • 1/3 (10 hashtags) should be new or very specific hashtags (with less than 50.000 posts).By doing this the possibilities to be visualized by other users will increase a lot.

Again: Keep in mind 30 is the limit of hashtags you can use in a single post.

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