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Avoid an Instagram Ban, or Instagram Shadowban

Avoid an Instagram Ban, or Instagram Shadowban

Following I will explain how to avoid an Instagram ban, also called Instagram Shadowban.

Instagram ban shadowban


What is it and why you should care about the Instagram Shadowban?

Instagram shadowban, Instagram ban, stealth or ghost banning—refers to some user’s photograph without him to get notified. From a user’s perspective, everything seems to work ok, but nobody else can actually see the contents they are posting. Basically, it’s like you never posted that photo, that video… no one can see or find your account, making it impossible to grow your Instagram following. You will see that your content is simply not engaging or less engaging than the usual (this is the first alarm that should ring in your mind if you see that one of your photos is not performing as you expect).


So what is happening to your photos?

When we are trying to identify something that is not working well on their hashtags.

According to several users, their images are no longer visible on Instagram’s hashtag pages when the page is viewed by someone who does not follow their account. It happened some days ago to me too… one wrong hashtag and your post will become invisible.


How to avoid the Instagram Shadowban?

“Recent posts from #thehashtagyouused are
currently hidden because the community has reported
content that may not meet
Instagram’s community 

This is the text you will find while browsing the hashtag search page related to your post that received an Instagram shadowban.

Avoid using prohibited hashtags, following the full list you can unlock easily by email or social channel (you will be shocked when reading… there are more than 300 hashtags on the list). If you prefer you can watch this video to understand how it works.

To avoid choosing the wrong hashtags use this list and check every hashtag you are going to use: here is a video explaining how you can do this!
Another way to avoid choosing the wrong hashtag could be to use a professional tool such as Tailwind hashtag finder (I’ll send you to their blog so you can understand how it works)


What to do if you received an Instagram ban? 

Some people fixed the issue logging in from a different device with a new IP. Another solution I found online is downgrading from business profile to a normal account (it didn’t work for me so I wouldn’t advise losing your time on that!)

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