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9 useful apps to enhance your Instagram Stories

9 useful apps to enhance your Instagram Stories

Best and coolest Instagram Stories

So you wanna know how to enhance your Instagram Stories and take them the next level!

Instagram Stories is an Instagram feature that lets users post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours! The contents you share on your Instagram Stories won’t appear on your profile grid or in the main Instagram feed and it’s basically a new channel you can use to stand out on Instagram.

Instagram is upgrading and enhancing Instagram Stories with new tools every month… Therefore this is definitely a feature of Instagram that you should master ASAP.

Is this another difficult thing to learn? Not really, luckily the apps and tools you can find online can be really helpful.

Let me show you how to master Instagram stories and post like a pro by using these apps (both for Android and iPhone)!

1. OVER (iOS)

Over is an easy to use app full of ready-made templates and presets optimized for the smartphone screens. You just need to choose the correct canvas for your purpose and edit your artwork.

What I like about this app, is that you can upgrade the app to a monthly subscription and upload your own fonts and designs giving you full control over your branding.

2. SNAPCHAT (both android and iOs)

Ok, come on, who didn’t use Snapchat videos on Instagram Stories at least once?

Snapchat has everything, cool features, amazing filters, stunning and funny selfie filters and super-cool geofilters.

If you use it creatively, Snapchat has a lot to offer!

3. STORY SPLITTER (iOS but there are some similar apps for android, check Video splitter)

Instagram only lets you post a 15 seconds video to your Story. Story Splitter allows you to post a longer video by splitting it automatically into 15 seconds clips.

People are using Story Splitter for videos like live concert videos, slow-motion, how-to videos, pre-edited videos from other apps and anything else in your camera roll over 15 seconds!


A super powerful video-app, packed with tons of presets and templates, a small studio to produce your animate your Instagram Stories.

It really makes me think about After Effects (one of the most powerful tools for motion design). A plus? It’s super easy to share your edited video to multiple platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram stories, Youtube and more. Worth the money.

These are the apps that I use more, and also I use a lot my own ORGANICA, which is an Instagram Bundle made of photoshop templates that you can get for free to enhance your Instagram Stories and Posts.

There are also other apps that I use less worth a mention:

5. FLIPAGRAM (iOS and Android)

Audio, filters, effects and a really cool community!

(android and iOS)

An App composed by intuitive video editing tools, all you need to do is tap to add and change animation effects. Complete and well put together.

7. HOOT-MY STORY (android)

Hoot binds together photographs and videos selected by you into a single one ready to be shared on your Instagram Stories. Strongly recommended if you are a travel blogger or a fashionista.

8. INSHOT APP (android and iOs)

Convert landscape videos into vertical Instagram Story friendly videos.


Quickly and easily combine multiple photos and videos to create a new collage or slideshow.

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