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13 reasons why you are not successful on Instagram

13 reasons why you are not successful on Instagram

13 reasons why you are not successful on Instagram

In the world of Social Media, Instagram represents still one of the best channels to promote your brand out there. Instagram, is not only the coolest place where you can advertise and engage young demographics, it’s the place to be if you want to tell your story and share it quickly and effectively. But not everything that shines is gold! Given the simplicity of the medium, people often and willingly approach Instagram hoping to be successful without too much effort. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Following, you’ll find 13 reasons why you are not successful on Instagram.

13 reasons why you are not successful on Instagram:

  • #1. You are not focusing on a specific niche. You are shooting photos randomly and communicating whatever is crossing your mind! This is not good.  The first thing you’ll need is a focus-niche. Who are you trying to target? What are you going to provide them? You need to have a strategy in place… what is your unique selling point? Why your audience should follow you? Is there anything you are going to provide your followers that no one else gave them? If you want to be successful on Instagram make sure you take this key aspect into consideration.


  • #2. Users cannot perceive your personality. If you want to be successful on Instagram your followers need to perceive you as one of their peers, and that means you should share with them your human side. They need to see the personality behind the brand, and your “voice” needs to be consistent and unique to you every time you communicate with your audience.


  • #3. Your concept is not clear to you, imagine if it’s clear to them. In every shot you take, in every caption you write, your concept needs to be there and it needs to give sense to your story and your brand personality. Before you post there is a list of activities you should perform. Is the photo clear? is the image high resolution? Does the caption has a call to action or is adding value to my communication? These are simple questions that you should answer before posting anything on Instagram. I prepared a checklist of all the key steps you should follow BEFORE posting on Instagram.

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  • #4. You are not consistent. You are either posting too much or not enough. Keep in mind this easy rule! 1 post per day is more than enough. All the rest is noise!


  • #5. Engagement is a two-way street. You can’t expect to become an idol without talking with anyone. To be recognized you need to talk and engage. If you want to be successful on Instagram, you have to engage with your followers on an individual level. Comments, Likes, shoutouts, tags, DM, are your tools to do that! They are not just there for decorating…


  • #6. You are not using all the tools you have. Instagram is not just posting a photo… The common posts are competing in a very saturated market. That’s why you have Instagram Stories and other tools such as Boomerang, Live and so on. Use them wisely.


  • #7. You are using hashtags in the wrong wayThis is not easy at all, I know… find the right hashtags. I am sorry but this will be too long to re-explain here… I’ll just send you to read two of my best posts on the topic. On the first, you will find a list of hashtags you should avoid using if you don’t want to be blocked in a shadowban. On another, you’ll find some very good hashtags to use if you are in my same field. To finish, you will find a very good guide on how to choose your hashtags here. Read carefully the point #6. Remember, you cannot use everytime the same hashtags otherwise you’ll be shadowbanned.


  • #8. Your posts are not really useful. To get noticed your posts should be super-duper-cool or really useful. If they are not fish and not meat, people won’t understand them and you will lose the opportunity to make a good impression on them.


  • #9. Dress to Impress! On a visual medium such as Instagram, the first impression is everything. Your feed should be flawless. Everything should be clear and shiny… your feed should be consistent (unique color palette or use of a cool filter), your captions should be clear and your photos should be interesting and eye-catching. Not the case? Then goodbye… sorry these are the rules of the game, the rest is for amateurs.


  • #10. Is your strategy scalable? Wait a sec… you don’t have a strategy in mind? Let’s be honest. Anyone is able to attract the first few dozen followers, but getting from hundreds to thousands requests ideas and a strategy in place. I gave some tips on the strategy I followed to get my first 1K followers here. It’s accurate and very long to read, but if you really want to make it you should make an effort, otherwise you can just deal with the fact that you are not successful on Instagram and that’s it! It’s not a tragedy come-on!


  • #11. You are just reposting, not curating! There are three kinds of users on Instagram. Those who like to follow (they just look around and they don’t care about followers and numbers), the content creators (those who create new contents everytime) and those who reposts contents created by someone else (you can definitely do this, but don’t just limit yourself to repost… add value). Instagram is made of tons of photos, make sure you choose the best ones for your audience will start immediately to grow. As humans, we don’t have the time to visualize anything that is posted online on a specific topic we care about… we can just see a selection of posts… that’s why sometimes we rely on curators to pick for us the best posts around. Some of the most important Instagram accounts are not creators… they are curators!


  • #12. You desperately want to sell something! Ok, let’s have a minute of silence. All of us saw those “smart” accounts offering, re-offering, and offering again more fame, followers, and likes. You trick me once, you won’t trick me twice.


  • #13. You have an abusive way of communicating. This is something that really bothers me every day. DM asking me to follow this user or to buy that product, Instagram stories covered with hashtags and tags won’t bring you anywhere. If you are not a celebrity, nor an influencer by nature, get ready to be ignored.


Hopefully, my 13 reasons why you are not successful on Instagram will help you in fixing your Instagram communication. But I wanted to do something more for you! Here you can find the detailed checklist (1 single paper) to follow before posting any new content on your Instagram account.


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